King yet again!

King yet again!

Return of the king! Fox Terrier wire-haired reigns supreme at EDS2015

It has been three hectic and exhilarating days at Norway Trade Fairs, and as the European Dog Show 2015 came to a close Sunday evening, the crowd was treated to a spectacular line up during the Best in Show finals.

A total of 12 000 dogs were entered the European Dog Show 2015. With careful selection through the breed judging and group finals, judge Rodi Hübenthal was always going to have a fantastic line-up to choose from during the Best in Show finals. Mr. Hübenthal has been a judge for 46 years, and became an allround judge in 1992.

Being interviewed by one of the Norwegian Kennel Club’s main sponsors, Agria Dyreforsikring, earlier on Sunday, Mr. Hübenthal was looking forward to the honorable assignment, and confirmed that at this stage of the competition, it was all about star quality.

– My expectations for the Best in Show finals are very high – with 12 000 entered dogs, there will be many very nice dogs, and I am confident that my colleagues have selected the best dogs for the Best in Show final.

Prior to the Best in Show finals, the President of the FCI’s European Section, Jørgen Hindse, addressed the audience and complimented Tom Øystein Martinsen, the head of the Norwegian Kennel Club Board on a successful event.

King yet again

The Best in Show finals proved every bit as exciting as a final at this level should be, and after careful inspection, Mr. Hübenthal selected the Fox Terrier wire-haired CH UK CHAM WW14 WW15 EU14 Ch Kingarthur Van Foliny Home, owned and bred by Rony De Munter and Dieny Uiterwijk, Belgium.

Handled to perfection by Warren Bradley, “King” would simply not be overlooked, even in strong competition against dogs of the highest quality, and in the end this top dog came away with yet another big win.

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King yet again!

Fox Terrier wire-haired CH UK CHAM WW14 WW15 EU14 Ch Kingarthur Van Foliny Home, owned and bred by Rony De Munter and Dieny Uiterwijk, Belgium, won the prestigeous Best in Show title at EDS2015 yesterday.

In an interview with the Norwegian Kennel Club after the show, Warren Bradley confirmed that accompanying this king around the ring is indeed something special.

- What makes King a true king is his brilliant character - he's just a great show dog, and a show off, said an elated Bradley, who confirms that the next stop for the duo is Luxembourg.

If you missed the Best in Show finals, the recording of all the events in the main ring on Sunday is available here.

The Norwegian Kennel Club thanks all exhibitors, judges, volunteers and visitors for contributing to the event, and we hope to see you all again at Norway Trade Fairs for the Norwegian Winner show in November 2016!

For the members of the press, all you need to complete your report from the event is available below.

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Facts and figures:

  • Attendance number total: 25 771
  • Number of volunteers: 650
  • Entries EDS: 11 879
  • Countries represented at EDS: 51
  • Entries club shows: 5 284
  • Live streaming was watched by 62 000 over three day
  • Press conference Saturday so far viewed by 3 200
  • Total reach EDS and Norwegian Kennel Club facebook page over three days: 800 000
  • Unique users 90 000