Best puppy EDS 2015

Best puppy EDS 2015

Results Best puppy EDS 2015

Friday, Judge Ms Lisbeth Campbell (NO)

  • Best In Show puppy: MerryMac Zinnia of Gold Again, Irish Terrier
  • BIS puppy 2: Gemma Stonehendge Hardys Notagehill, Scottish Terrier
  • BIS puppy 3: Saffron Sherby Ottilia, Shih Tzu
  • BIS puppy 4: Pugbully Mr Flash, Pug

Saturday, Judge Ms Marit Sunde (NO)

  • Best In Show: Vascia Rosso, Bloodhound
  • BIS puppy 2: Lubiane Du Hêtre Au Loup, Beagle
  • BIS puppy 3: Gulleiv's Mustang Shelby, Irish Wolfhound
  • BIS puppy 4: Smalltall's Gentle Touch, Great Dane (fawn/brindle)

Sunday, jugde Mr Luis Pinto Teixeira (PT)

  • Best In Show puppy: Flammeus Winner Takes It All, Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervueren
  • BIS puppy 2: Local Hero's King Of Hart's Istas, Mexican Hairless Dog
  • BIS puppy 3: Arctic Kees For Your Eyes Only, Keeshond
  • BIS puppy 4: Tiny Jewels' Show Me Love, Pomeranian

Congratulations to all the winners!


Photo: Cilje H. A. Moe / Lisbeth A. Endresen