After the fact: EDS three weeks on

After the fact: EDS three weeks on
(Photo: Cilje A. Moe)

After the fact: EDS three weeks on

Three weeks after European Dog Show 2015 came to a close, the Norwegian Kennel Club looks back on three exciting days with dogs of the highest quality competing in the biggest canine event in Norwegian history.

A total of almost 12 000 dogs were entered the European Dog Show 2015, and the more than 50 club shows had a combined entry of 5000. - We are very proud to have hosted the European Dog Show, and proud to have delivered a successfull event to all visitors, says CEO Trine Hage.

Second biggest fair in Norwey

This was the first time the Norwegian Kennel Club had the honour of hosting the European Dog Show 2015, and the show was always going to be the biggest dog show in Norwegian history. However, the event turned out to be a record-breaking success compared to other fairs and events hosted in Norway.

- 25 000 visitors to the event is a very good figure indeed, and the figure makes the show the second biggest fair hosted in Norway, says Ellen Colseth at Norway Trade Fairs.

The event also proved to be quite the happening on social media, with the EDS facebook-page having a total reach of 1.5. million over a ten-day period, and the streamed press conference on the Saturday being watched by 3660 people in all corners of the world. The streaming was watched by more than 72 500 people across the world.

- The focus is on the dogs

Dog welfare was always going to be at the core of this event, explains CEO Trine Hage.

- Dog welfare is at the core of all that we do at the Norwegian Kennel Club, and during any of our dog shows, the focus is on the dogs. During EDS, this was reflected in the press conferences, the emphasis on breed specific instructions in the judging, and the overall profile of the show, says CEO Ms. Trine Hage.

The Norwegian Kennel Club is also delighted with the feedback from exhibitors, judges and sponsors, both from Norway and abroad.

- We have received a large amount of positive feedback directly and via social media from those attending the show. We are very content with the number of entries, the attendance, and the attention the event generated online, and now feel more motivated than ever to continue our work for improved dog welfare overall, concludes Ms. Hage.


If you missed the Best in Show finals, the recording of all the events in the main ring on Sunday is available here.

For the members of the press, all you need to complete your report from the event is available below.


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Facts and figures:

  • Attendance number Friday: 6 816
  • Attendance number Saturday: 11 433
  • Attendance number Sunday: 7 522
  • Number of volunteers: 650
  • Entries EDS: 11 879
  • Countries represented at EDS: 51
  • Entries club shows: 5 284
  • Live streaming so far watched by 72 500
  • Press conference Saturday so far watched by 3660