17 000 and counting

17 000 and counting

(Photo: Cilje A. Moe)

17 000 and counting

Preparations for EDS are now in the closing stages. With only 3 weeks to go, the Norwegian Kennel Club is happy to announce that the total number of entries for EDS, including the club shows, are now at 17 000.

There are still club specials with deadlines closing this week, so this three-day event, which will be held at Norway Trade Fairs September 4-6, may yet receive a significant number of additional entries.

101 Dalmatians (no, we’re not kidding)

The final entry deadline for EDS closed July 1, and the total number of entries was 12 000. And yes, we really will be welcoming 101 Dalmatians to Norway in a few weeks. Read up on entries per breed here. Some club shows are still taking entries, and the total number of entries for the club shows so far is 5000.

Press accreditation now open

The Norwegian Kennel Club has hosted large international shows at Norway Trade Fairs for several years, and the venue is as accommodating for journalists as it is for exhibitors and other visitors. The premises are well suited for journalists, and we will ensure that all necessary equipment and amenities necessary for journalists needing to work will be set up.  You will need to register through our accreditation system to obtain your press pass on site. The accreditation form is available here.

Still room for trade stands

If you want a share in the strong Norwegian market and meet about 17.000 dogs and their owners, we remind you that it is still possible to book a stand for the European Dog Show in September. If you are interested in benefiting from a strong Norwegian market, please contact Ellen Colseth at Norway Trade Fairs (mobile + 47 907 959 66 or email

Stay updated by following our facebook-page

If you want to keep up to date leading up to EDS, please follow our European Dog Show facebook page.

During the final weeks leading up to the show, all information will be announced via this page. Here you will find information on everything from parking and accommodation to any changes to the list of judges.