About the NKK

About the NKK

The Norwegian Kennel Klub has 225 membership clubs and 75 000 members, and register more than 30 000 puppies annually

The Norwegian Kennel Club was founded in 1898, and is the largest organisation for dog owners in Norway. There are more than 225 membership clubs and 75 000 individual members divided into 13 regions, and we register more than 30 000 puppies annually.

We also register HD/ED and other health information, and we have a separate youth organisation, NKKU.

We have 35 employees at our administrative headquarters in Oslo. Contact information for all employees can be found here (Norwegian only).

The Norwegian Kennel Club has been a member of the FCI since 1935. Even though we have never had the honour of hosting the European or World Dog Show, we have a long tradition of hosting large dog shows, and our first FCi international show was hosted as early as 1936.

We host 11 international shows with a total entry of 28 000 dogs every year. Shows hosted by our member clubs attracted an additional 67 000 entries in 2009. We have 160 authorized judges and 280 ring stewards.

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