Welcome to Oslo

Welcome to Oslo

The Norwegian Kennel Club look forward to welcoming you all to an exciting event in wonderful surroundings.

Even though Norway may seem far away, travelling here is easy and convenient from all over the world. There is no less than three airports close to Oslo, and by ferry from Germany and Denmark you will be sailing directly into Oslo harbour. Or choose the car if youwant to take the scenic route to Norway.

Norway is the land of the midnight sun, with a mild, pleasant summer season. Oslo has a more pleasant climate than its latitude should indicate, due to a favourable help from the Gulf Stream, and it is well protected from Atlantic rainfall by mountains. The chosen dates are September 4-6, 2015. In early September, the temperature is normally very pleasant in Oslo, even though the evenings might tend to be crisp. 

Oslo, the capital of Norway, lies beautifully situated between the captivating Oslo fjord and the beautiful forest area known to Norwegians as"Oslomarka". This combination of city life and short distance to outdoors activities makes Oslo a great destination for any traveller.

Norway’s majestic mountains plunging into the sea, glittering fjords, luminous northern lights, the midnight sun and tall mountain peaks have all contributed to making Norway well known internationally.

Its easy to experience endless rivers, powerful waterfalls, green forests as well as bustling city life in Norway - a combination highly appreciated both among the Norwegians themselves and the visitors to this unique country.

Oslo offers some 50 museums and many art galleries. Among the internationally known attractions are Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Viking Ship Museum, the Munch Museum and Holmenkollen.

The Norwegian Kennel Club look forward to welcoming you all to an exciting event in wonderful surroundings! If you want to see more of Oslo, please watch the Norwegian Kennel Club EDS2015 movie!

Interview with Trine Hage (CEO of the Norwegian Kennel Club), Jorgen Hindse (FCI) and Jose Luis Ibanez (Eukanuba) about the expectations and preparations for next year's European Dog Show:



Welcome to Oslo