Take part in the promotion of the Norwegian Breeds

Take part in the promotion of the Norwegian Breeds

In 2015, the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKC) is hosting the European Dog Show for the first time. The NKC wishes to promote our seven national breeds during this event. 

Photo: Vibeke Brath (breed: dunker/Norwegian Hound)

For this reason, we have decided to create a book on our seven Norwegian breeds. This book will be given as a present to all judges and VIP guests. It will of course also be available for purchase to all visitors.

The book will also be given as a gift to judges in future, and it will be available in our webshop

All text in the book will be in Norwegian and English. It will make a great coffee table book presenting the seven Norwegian breeds in an easily understandable, but correct manner. The book should make a perfect gift for all dog fanciers, regardless of cynological background and competence!

All breeders and clubs abroad are hereby invited to advertise in this book. This is a great way to reach canine enthusiasts all over the world, and to contribute to a worthy cause – spreading information on the Norwegian breeds, and the work being done to preserve the breeds for future generations.

All ads will have the same layout, to ensure a neat and tasteful presentation.

The ads (1/8p) will include the following text, and one picture:

Take part in the promotion of the Norwegian Breeds
If you want to take his unique opportunity to promote your club or your kennel in a quality product from the Norwegian Kennel Club, the ad may be purchased via our webshop.
  • Price per ad: NOK 3500. Included in the price is one copy of the book.
  • Your copy of the book will be sent in September 2015.
Please state the following in order notes when placing your order:
  • Name of Kennel
  • Name of website
  • Name of kennel owners if the kennel has other owner(s) than the person making the order.

The ad includes one picture. This picture must be sent to hundesport@nkk.no after payment has been made. Please ensure that your name and the kennel name is included in the email.

The advertisement can be booked and payed for in our webshop.