Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

Need to know the rules for taking your dog to Norway? Want to make yourself familiar with the NKC show rules? Find all the information you need here!

Show rules

The European Dog Show 2015 will be held in accordance to the FCI rules, deciding also what age class a dog should be entered in and when awarding CACIB in the ring. Please note that all group winners must participate in the Best in Show finals. This is in accordance with FCI regulations, and these regulations will be upheld during EDS.

In accordance with FCI regulations, no written critique will be given. Instead, diplomas will be handed out in the rings.

The Norwegian rules applies for awarding certificats (CAC). NKK show rules can be found on NKK's website. Note also the anti-doping regulations. 

Bringing your dog to Norway

Bringing your dog to Norway is easy - find all the necessary information here.

Cropped/docked dogs

Cropped/docked dogs may participate, with some restrictions. All details regarding the participation of cropped/docked breeds are available here.

Banned breeds

Breeds banned in Norway may partipate in the European Dog Show 2015 - but not from all countries. All details regarding the participation of banned breeds are available here.