Dog friendly hotels

Oslo offers a variety of hotels to choose from, with around 10 300 hotel rooms and a total of more than 18 000 beds. There are several dog friendly hotels, camping sites, and youth hostels in close proximity to Norway Trade Fairs.

For booking please see VisitNorway.com

Caravan parking

There is designated areas for caravan parking located close to the show grounds (parking only!). For more information and booking, please click here

You can also stay at Sjølyst marina which is the only established Caravan parking in Oslo (no cooperation with the EDS 2015 - you have to contact them yourself for questions and arrangements). Sjølyst marina is only 300 m from Skøyen train station with direct connection to Lillestrøm (EDS 2015). The distance from Lillestrøm train station to the venue is 600 m. 

The distance is about 30 minutes with train, 25 minutes with car (more in rush hour on Friday).