About the European Dog Show 2015

About the European Dog Show 2015

The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKC) hereby invite you to Oslo to a unique celebration of man’s best friend:

European Dog Show 2015 (EDS), September 4-6.

This is the first time the NKC will be hosting a European Dog show, but we have a long tradition for hosting international shows - the first one was hosted as early as 1936. The NKC has already been working with main partners Eukanuba and Agria to ensure that this show will be a success.

See also our EDS 2015 brochure

Welcome to Oslo in 2015!

The show will be held in accordance to FCI rules and regulations. This means that no written critique will be given. Instead, diplomas will be handed out in the rings. A small gift will also be handed out to all participants. 

Foreign champions may be awarded the Norwegian champion title after winning a CAC. One CAC per gender per breed will be given.

Foreign champions may enter either open or champion class.

 For some breeds a Working Class Certificate (WCC) is required in order to be given the CAC. The WCC must be brough to the ring. 

All participants must follow the NKK's antidoping regulations.


European Winner 2015: CACIB winner male/bitch for each breed

European junior winner 2015: Best male/bitch for each junior class

European veteran winner 2015: Best male/bitch for each veteran class